How did you start getting into what you’re doing now?

TG: Out of high school, I wasn’t a super good student. I decided to do the whole community college thing at OCC and wasn’t really passionate about it. So at the end of sophomore year, I kept thinking that something had to switch up. I just wasn’t happy. So the following fall, I took an intro to sewing class which was technically a fashion class. I had a blast and it changed everything for me forever. If it wasn’t for that class, I wouldn’t have went 100% into all this. I sewed my own pants, tote bags...all that. Fast forward, I started off as “Too Good” cause TG is my initials and then I had a business partner which fizzled out. After that ended, I had to switch it up again and started “Too Goodie”. It’s a play on say it once and you hear “too goodie” which is nice, but then you say it again slowly and you hear “to go die”. So depending on my mood, I choose which one to cater to.

How’d you get your name?

TG: It’s one of those things you think about and it just clicks for you.

Right now, who is your biggest inspiration for you to keep doing what you’re doing?

TG: My mom for sure. Everything that she does really. She came out here at 18 and left her mom and dad in Mexico. She came to New York all by herself with nothing other than my cousin who helped her out in the beginning. She just does everything. It’s crazy to me. She’s been a  single parent her whole life and gave us everything. I gotta give back. That’s my goal 100%.

What is your “why”?

TG: I gotta get my mom a house. My whole life, we’ve only lived in apartments and she always tells me “oh when we get a house…”

What are your biggest challenges or fears as an artist?

TG: I’ll start thinking of too many things. I won’t focus on one thing. Instead I’ll have 25% for one thing and 25% for another. I’ll have my hands in too many pots. I get overwhelmed sometimes and have to reset. I’d say I get blocks for inspiration for sure. I try hard not to be too repetitive. I catch myself a lot telling myself i used that idea already. I try not to do that but it happens because it’s so broad.

What is a piece of advice for someone who might be going what you’re going through?

TG: A lot of big decisions happen 9-2am. After your whole day is done and you’re tired....That’s usually when the best ideas come to you.

What is something signature about you?

TG: I would just say my initials...I feel like I still need to find it.

In 5 years, where do you see yourself?

TG: Man, find me on Sunday afternoon whippin’ up some BBQ. But really, just giving back. I want to be the type of person to open doors for other people. Life has slowly been showing me people that I could help out and steer into the right direction.

What are your creative endeavors right now?

TG: I’m working on a lot of the clothing aspects and a lot of Dennis Rodman’s merch. Dennis is an icon in terms of the clothing world, he’s super sought after. Because he’s so different and looks crazy. So basically Dayne and I are focused on helping him build a brand and running it for him.

What is your dream job?

TG: A job where I’m in love with what I do. I would just love to be in a position to potentially change someone’s life. Whatever it may be, I want to promote and help other people get to where they want to be and ask for nothing in return.

What creative risks would you like to see yourself taking in the future?

TG: I’ve been thinking about creating a women’s line and runway style clothing.

What stops you the most from doing all that you’re meant to be doing?

TG: There’s nothing really for me to really be scared of, the unknown I’m drawn to. I think it’s the money aspect for sure.

How do you wish to serve the creative community?

TG: My goal in all these shows/events is to be able to have any creative in any field be able to come and have a good time and meet people that’ll help them along the way. Networking is key in all of this!

What are some ways that you take care of yourself as a creative?

TG: I treat myself all of the time I’m not even going to lie. I love taking myself to get massages, i just like to enjoy myself because that’s how I keep myself grounded.

What do you think our creative culture is missing?

TG: Guidance. People that are transparent. It’d be cool to have mentors who show us that it’s okay to fail.

What does Creativity mean to you?

TG: Expressing what you feel in that moment and translating that into whatever medium you want.

What does being “good enough” mean to you?

TG: To me, it means that I’m able to help out other people in whatever it may be and still do what I want to do. It also means staying true to myself and staying consistent knowing that I’m worth it.

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