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We would like for you to understand that this movement is nowhere near convenient. This is a good thing. We intend to help you grow and we can't do that if we allow you to stand for something you are comfortable with. Discomfort breeds personal growth. We also understand that change, especially within ourselves, is frightening. We respect everyone's process in healing their artist within. Fortunately, in order to be an active member, one must be willing to show up and be an active creator.

We aren't asking you to take giant leaps of faith! We're asking you to finally step into your personal power and own the fuck out of it. Small steps could mean: Buying that canvas and brush even though you don't consider yourself a painter. Taking that dance class. Showing up to that open mic. Reading a book on creativity. Picking up that camera.

What is most important is that you give yourself a chance. You have no idea what your true potential is until you make the bold move of beginning.  



We've all had a time where our talents and gifts were disregarded or squandered. It's not your fault. Although, it is your responsibility to make a conscious choice whether you want to be stuck in the limiting belief of "I am not Good Enough".  Believe us, you can certainly make this pivotal shift. This is something we must battle every day. Just remember to trust in the process. We can encourage you as much as we want, but as creatives, we cannot create freely and fearlessly if we have a discouraging dialogue within ourselves. It all starts with you. We are just a part of your healing process. Take a close look at the critical conversations you have with yourself.

You can reverse them to be compassionate, supportive, nurturing and affirming. 


This does not mean we are not entitled to our own opinions of what other people create. We aren't going to like what everyone creates and that's OK. What we ask is to encourage a sense of safety for those who may be paralyzed by their own fear. Those who stand with us must be willing to hold themselves accountable for enforcing a safe/supportive space for other creatives. We stand strong with open arms to help those working on unleashing their creative potential. We can't possibly expect for shadow artists to step into their light if we don't give them a chance to. You never know what breakthroughs you can inspire!

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Art is not static. It is constantly evolving. We all have differentiating styles and tastes. Do not take this personally! A million people could love what you do and there can still be that one person that absolutely hates it. As long as you are passionate about what you do, the opinions of others are quite trivial. It is all based on perception and subjectivity anyways. Be gentle with yourself and silence that inner critic. Free yourself from your judgments. Create anyways and do so unapologetically. 


We've been trained that there is no room for all of us to be successful. We have also been convinced that the worth of our work is equivalent to the recognition it receives. These are both toxic to our creativity and the creative community. We prioritize passion over the prize. We favor the fun of the game rather than being #1. In the end, we all want to be seen and heard. Truly, we are all in this together. We all hold an impeccable unique talent or gift that we are supposed to share with the world. Let's stop extracting the passion out of our purpose. Let's start empowering each other. 


We are driven to inspire all those who come across our movement which means...We need you! Whether it be through word of mouth, flooding your city with our stickers, following our social media, or tagging us in your posts. Each intention to spread our mission with others counts! Inspiring others is invaluable. Thank you kindly for your interest in joining our movement.