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Questions or comments? 

We've got answers and are more than happy to receive your feedback. Our team is inspired to spread love and light to those who stand with our vision for humanity. We appreciate your efforts in reaching out. We'll get back to you as soon as we are able!. 

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1.  Who is the founder of this campaign? Why was it created?

- Jade Sta Ana is the founder of the GooodEnoughCampaign. At the age of 19, she was driven to build an accepting atmosphere that enlightened those of the creative community. 

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2. How can I be interviewed?

- Just shoot us an email! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you're passionate about. We'll get back to you with a set of questions to answer for us. Seek to express not impress. We ask for authenticity and nothing else. Trust us, you are most loved and appreciated when you are genuine and honest!

3. What is the purpose of your short films?

- To give all artists a chance to share their most daunting creative blocks. As we are more open, we are able to take baby steps in freeing ourselves from them. Especially as artists, we are the greatest targets for the world's fear. People feed it to us on regular basis. Our campaign  only wishes to promote fearlessness and risk-taking. 

4. How do I donate?

-As of right now we are still in the process of developing the GoodEnoughCampaign. Currently, we are leaning more toward a movement. Our ultimate goal is to develop an effective way to raise funds for the youth in communities that lack the means to provide themselves with supplies and further education. Due to legality issues with receiving larger donations, it is our responsibility to create a system that is dependable. We want you to know who your money is going to and the progress that each dollar is making! Thank you for being patient with our process. 

5. How can I be an active member of this campaign?

- That's easy. You join the movement when you show up and create. You are an active member when you take the initiative to empower yourself and others. You might not understand what you are creating or why, but from this, you will inspire those to do the same. No judgment. No ego. No "bad art". We just ask that you are compassionate and accepting of your recovering artist within. You do not need to prove yourself "Good Enough." You already just haven't given yourself a chance to activate your latent potential. 

-In terms of representing and further spreading the word,  Feel free to follow and tag us!