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AF: I’m Intensely passionate, Eccentric, Chaotic, Petulant, Indecisive, and a daydreaming shithead.

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AF: When it comes down to it, human connection and growth. Nothing shivers my spiritual bones way more than when I observe the understanding, communication, and reaction between people. If you can believe it, my favorite pastime when I’m alone is to hyper-analyze every teeny, tiny little thing I do and think in circles about why I do them. Though, sometimes I won’t be able to find answers and that’s when things get chaotic up there in my cute ol’ lil thang of a brain.

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AF: If all of my needs were met, then I would happily open the door and welcome death right there... Huh, is that morbid? Well, definitely selfish at the very least- but if the world was that perfect, then what would be the point? All jokes aside, I would spend the rest of my days traveling and changing the environments around me by showing people love through art.

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AF: For my work to outlive me.

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AF: I struggle a lot with wanting to learn and do everything all at once and never being able to make up my mind about things. As a result, I end up overwhelming and exhausting myself just thinking about what I need to do instead of actually doing it. Turns out the big boss I have to fight is myself!

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AF: For personal projects, I never really have concept sketches. I just go right in with a pencil and draw whatever shapes or images that come to mind right at that very moment. If there’s something in there I really like, I’ll immediately go in with ink and start putting in details. As I get a better idea of what I’m drawing, I’ll start erasing things out and sketching new things in until something really stands out. Bring the ink back. I’ll keep doing this process until I have a completed piece! I usually use only black and white, but sometimes I’ll splash in some color if I feel like it. What’s fun about this process is that these projects usually take about a month to finish and whatever ideas I had the first day, might turn out completely different later on.

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AF: I feel like my art is a joke to people whenever I get asked to draw miscellaneous things that have nothing to do with what I create with no flexibility to add my own twist. Does it look like I only draw traditional style roses? No? At that point, it just feels like my art didn’t really mean anything at all and that i’m just here to give you a product… Which is fine, if that was my purpose. My point being: every artist has their own special set of skills and to just completely disregard that and demand something that isn’t in their field can be pretty insulting

(Side note: just wanna make it clear that there’s nothing wrong with drawing traditional style roses. If that’s your thing, keep doing it. You good!)

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AF: It’s the equivalent feeling of chugging ice cold water after a night in jail.

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AF: I create art with the intention of portraying the different stages of internal struggle and how uncomfortably beautiful it is. It is an exhausting effort overcoming the trials and tribulations of life, but a necessary part of becoming an even more loving human being. When you look at my pieces, I want you to think deeply about yourself and what it means in your own life. I want you to understand that this is what being human is all about, baby! And that is what makes you Good Enough.

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